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Durham Academy teacher lands duet with Vince Gill (Raleigh News & Observer)

Elizabeth South lives the dream

Submitted by dmenconi on 02/25/2013 – 23:01

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At least a couple of times a year, I’ll hear from people who will insist, “If I could only get [insert name of well-known artist] to hear my song, I just know they’d want to record it!” The cynical realist in me always wants to pat these people on the head and say, “Sure” before sending them on their way, because it almost never works like that.

And yet…every now and then, it really does work out exactly like that. Elizabeth South, a fine local singer who is largely unknown outside of the Triangle, actually got Country Music Hall of Famer Vince Gill on her new single and video, and it’s a pretty remarkable story. See the video here, and read about it here.