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Air Dates on Zuus Country Network – “I Love You” with Vince Gill & Elizabeth South

Elizabeth was blessed to be able to sing and record a song she co-wrote in a duet with 20 time Country Music Star Grammy winner, Vince Gill! Watch the Music Video for the new country single,”I Love You (featuring Vince Gill)” on Zuus Country Network. It had its 1st Premiere on (TCN/Zuus Country Network) on Friday, JUNE 7th!

Here are the NEXT Air Dates for “I Love You” – Elizabeth South featuring Vince Gill on Zuus Country Network:
Sat 06/29/2013 12:37am

Mon 07/01/2013 3:39pm

Wed 07/03/2013 8:40am

Fri 07/05/2013 5:36am

Sun 07/07/2013 12:42pm

Please go and request the Video on the TCN/Zuus Facebook page here and watch the Video on Zuus Country Live Stream by clicking HERE.
Stay up to date with FUTURE Air Dates on Zuus Country either on Elizabeth’s Facebook Page, her Facebook Event, or Twitter

Watch “I Love You” with Vince Gill on YouTube now:

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“I Love You” with Vince Gill & Elizabeth South on Zuus Country Network

“I Love You” (featuring Vince Gill and Elizabeth South) is now in rotation on TCN/Zuus Country Network

Stay up to date with the Air Dates and Times at either http://www.elizabethsouth.com or on Elizabeth’s Facebook Page Event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/204193673064748/

Also, please visit Zuus Country’s Facebook Page to “LIKE’ their page and REQUEST “I Love You” with Elizabeth South & Vince Gill to be played at: https://www.facebook.com/ZUUSCountry  Thanks for this!

This is Elizabeth South’s very first time being on National Television!

Zuus Country Network is a National Television station that can be found on Cable, but if you can’t get the station, you can also VIEW IT LIVE STREAM at: http://www.tcncountry.com/videos/livestream.htm

Watch the “I Love You (feat. Vince Gill)” Music Video on Youtube: 

Visit www.elizabethsouth.com for more information on Elizabeth South music

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Watch the Premiere of “I Love You (feat.Vince Gill)” with Elizabeth South on TCN this Friday June 7 @2:45 p.m.

Watch the Premiere of “I Love You” (featuring Vince Gill @VGcom)” with Elizabeth South (on her Birthday!) on TCN (The Country Network/Zuus this Friday June 7 @2:45 p.m. This is Elizabeth South’s very first time being on National Television!

If you don’t get this station, you can also VIEW IT ONLINE at: http://www.tcncountry.com/videos/livestream.htm

Watch the “I Love You (feat. Vince Gill)” Music Video on Youtube: 

Also, please consider being a part of Elizabeth South’s KICKSTARTER TEAM! and help her create her next Album. Click Here to Pledge now!

Visit www.elizabethsouth.com for more information on Elizabeth South music

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Durham Academy teacher lands duet with Vince Gill (Raleigh News & Observer)

Elizabeth South lives the dream

Submitted by dmenconi on 02/25/2013 – 23:01

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At least a couple of times a year, I’ll hear from people who will insist, “If I could only get [insert name of well-known artist] to hear my song, I just know they’d want to record it!” The cynical realist in me always wants to pat these people on the head and say, “Sure” before sending them on their way, because it almost never works like that.

And yet…every now and then, it really does work out exactly like that. Elizabeth South, a fine local singer who is largely unknown outside of the Triangle, actually got Country Music Hall of Famer Vince Gill on her new single and video, and it’s a pretty remarkable story. See the video here, and read about it here.

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5 Questions With…Elizabeth South! (Interview)

Interview at Christian Music Zine with Joshua Andre —  February 25, 2013

Late last year, CMZ started up a new interview feature, called “5 Questions with…”, where we ask at least one of our favorite artists once a week, 5 simple questions about their music, videos, tours, and any other interesting facts. Here’s the next interview- with independent singer/songwriter Elizabeth South, who releases her fifth album I Love You to stores February 25th. The album was produced by Billy Smiley, and features Vince Gill (husband of Amy Grant) as a guest vocal on a track. So let’s see what Elizabeth has to say about the new album . . . . READ FULL ARTICLE


“I Love You (feat. Vince Gill)” – Valentine’s Day Single

ILoveYou - SingleGreat News!!! Elizabeth South is releasing this Valentine’s week her long anticipated new upcoming “I Love You” Album Title track single,   “I Love You (duet with Vince Gill) – Single” Music Video on iTunes and in a Music Video!

You can now Purchase the Single called, “I Love You (feat. Vince Gill)” from iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-love-you-feat.-vince-gill/id601687155.

Country Music Star, Vince Gill, is a 20 time grammy award winner (the most of any male country artist to date) and was inducted into the country music hall of fame as well as recently received a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood – he is a true icon in country music history as well as an amazing singer/songwriter/guitar player. Visit his Website for more info at http://www.vincegill.com/wired/.  He very recently released a hit single called “Don’t Rush” with Kelly Clarkson and performed with her on the CMA awards.

He has sung with numerous artists over the years such as Carrie Underwood, Barbra Streisand, Alison Krauss, Reba McEntire, Sting, and wife Amy Grant, etc.

Visit the Elizabeth South Official Website, http://www.elizabethsouth.com for more information.

Watch the Music Video featuring 20 time Grammy Country Music Star, Vince Gill at: http://youtu.be/w7Y5IqKILxE 


Some other good news about this song and video is that a Video/Radio media promotion company called CRW Radio Promotions absolutely loved Elizabeth’s “I Love You” Music Video and Song so much that they asked to promote the video and song for Valentine’s Day week! This is exciting news for the single! They will promote the song this entire Valentine’s week to radio stations across the country and world as well as feature the Music Video on the main page of their website! The song has already picked up by 22 Country/Inspo Stations from CA to Japan!

Elizabeth could really use your help getting the song and video out there for people to enjoy this Valentine’s day and week! So please share with all your friends, family, and loved ones. Thank you so much!

Elizabeth is very grateful for all the wonderful comments, views, and reviews on iTunes and would like to say, “Thank you all so much! I Love you all! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

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“Superstar” – Single and Music Video


Elizabeth South’s Single, “Superstar” is a song from her “I Love You” album to be released February 25, 2013. This Katy Perry styled song was inspired by the “star students” she teaches. In addition to being a Singer/Songwriter, Elizabeth South is a full time Preschool Music and Drama Elementary Teacher. Her students encouraged her to write some more pop styled songs, so she did. And the song is dedicated to her students.

Her students have enjoyed the Single and Music Video so much that they are preparing to sing it in their Grandparents Day Music program coming up in May. The students have been enjoying singing and performing this song!

You can Purchase the “Superstar – Single” from iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/superstar-single/id590818239

You can also watch the Music Video, featuring child actor, Evan Fielding, who is also featured in Big & Rich’s “That Why I Pray” Music Video.