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Just a Prayer Away – new iTunes EP – Elizabeth South

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Hey, friends!  I just wanted to share with you my latest album release, “Just a Prayer Away.”  This EP of five songs is being released as a digital release only on iTunes, CDbaby, and Amazon. These songs were actually songs that were recorded along with my other two earlier music projects, but never released until now. The title track, “Just a Prayer Away” is a remake of one of my earlier demo recordings. I wrote three of the five songs: Just a Prayer Away, I Still Believe (featuring the background vocals of Christine Dente), and There is Hope. Billy Smiley wrote the beautiful worship song, “O Breath of Life” from the lyrics of an old hymn set to new music he created.  “Our God” was written by Mark Swayze.

You can click on these links to purchase “Just a Prayer Away” on iTunesCDbaby, and Amazon.

You can also watch my Self-made Music Video:


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