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New “Do It Afraid” Album and Music Video (feat. Rick Florian) Available Now!!

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Elizabeth South

This is the album cover for Elizabeth South's "Do It Afraid" Album.


The New Sophomore Album by Elizabeth South is Now Available!  You can purchase it at CDBaby and Elizabeth South’s Website in digipak CD form with lyrics.  You can also download it on iTunes!

Visit http:///www.elizabethsouth.com, http://www.cdbaby.com/elizabethsouth4, or iTunes at: http://tinyurl.com/4373dan    Please note that if you order a Physical CD, you will get a Lyrics Booklet, a beautiful CD design, and higher quality WAV files than what you can get on iTunes.  Order your copy today!

About the Album: Elizabeth South is a singer/songwriter who is also a full-time elementary music and drama teacher.  She pursues her goal of a worldwide music ministry with as much passion as she always devotes to her teaching.

Elizabeth’s debut soft rock/pop album, “The Mysteries of Our Minds,” which she co-wrote with her producer Billy Smiley (White Heart), explored the eclectic styles of theater, spirituality, romance, ballad, and soft rock.  Her successful radio single, “Have Faith” made an impact in the Christian music world after landing a top spot in Christian Radio Weekly.

“Do It Afraid” is Elizabeth South’s long anticipated Christian sophomore album.  The inspiration for the song and album title, “Do It Afraid,” came to her after she surprisingly developed stage fright several years ago after going through a difficult annulment.  One morning when she was terrified of a particular upcoming performance, she read a devotional and book written by Joyce Meyer that was called, Do It Afraid.  She was immediately inspired to write the song, “Do It Afraid,” after reading that devotion and the book.  She sat down at the piano that very morning and started writing the verse to the song, which led her down the road to recording this new album and song!!

In Joyce Meyer’s book, Do It Afraid, she shares the true life story of Elisabeth Elliot’s fear of returning to the ministry in Ecuador after her husband, Jim Elliot, had been killed by the very people they had ministered to.  She was paralyzed by the feelings of fear and every time she tried to go back into ministry, her fear stopped her.  Then a friend told her something that set her free.  Her friend said, “Why don’t you do it afraid?”  She then followed that advice and went back to evangelize the Indian tribes of Ecuador, including the very people who had killed the one she loved.

Many times we think we should wait to do something we feel called to do when we are no longer feeling afraid.  The concept of “no fear” has become a popular motto.  And while that is a wonderful idea, many of us have a difficult time getting rid of those feelings no matter how much we pray or believe.  But if we wait until we no longer feel afraid, we may accomplish very little for God, others, and ourselves.  So even if you feel afraid, go ahead and do what God has called you to do, knowing that He will always be with you, even if you have to do it afraid!

Since writing and performing this song, Elizabeth has found strength in the song while facing her own ongoing fears.   And in return, the song and album has already been an encouragement to many other people as well.  Elizabeth has a degree in Music Therapy and is finding that she is able to practice this field through her music even though she is not practicing it as an official career.

Elizabeth released her first single, “I Will Trust You,” off the “Do It Afraid” album about a year before this new Album’s release by filming a Music Video for it, releasing it as a Single, and gaining significant Radio Air time.  The single was on the Billboards twice for most added to stations.  It is still continuing to make an impact today through her second Music Video for this song that can be found on her Youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6Vhf8HPWHg&feature=channel_video_title.  Elizabeth is very excited to have her “I Will Trust You” Music Video and the new “Do It Afraid” album featured in the http://www.INTERLINC-online.com Music Video Loop and YLO Youth Leader’s Catalog this coming year!!  Reaching youth groups through her music along with being an elementary music/drama teacher is a very important combination to her.

Elizabeth’s latest Single off the “Do It Afraid” album is called, “Don’t Give Up on Your Love.”  Her third official Music Video was filmed in Nashville, TN for “Don’t Give Up on Your Love.”  The single was released a few weeks before the New Album was released.  However, the song is also being offered on the “Do It Afraid” Album as a Bonus track because the song expresses a pop/rock/electronic dance style that is a different genre that the rest of the album. However, the lyrics to the song fit very well into the “Do It Afraid” theme of the album.  Many listeners loved listening to all of her soft and beatiful songs, but kept encouraging her to do an upbeat rock song as well.  So Elizabeth chose to write a song in a style of music that she enjoys.  “Don’t Give Up on Your Love” was programmed by Joel Wild and the electric guitar part was played by George Cocchini (DCTalk).   The Music Video is the visual inspiration for the “Do It Afraid” digipak design.  You can watch the new music video now:  

Elizabeth South’s fourth Official Music Video, “Do It Afraid” was released November 1st with the Album’s release.  Elizabeth is very excited about this Video because she was able to have Rick Florian, one of her all time favorite Christian singers from the rock band White Heart, appear in the Music Video with her.  Here is a link to the video:

Also, it is noteable that a few of the songs on this album could be used as Worship songs in churches.  “I Will Trust You,” “Higher,” “Fall to My Knees,” and “Holy, Holy Holy” fall very well into that category.

In conjunction with Elizabeth’s amazingly pure and beautiful voice, Billy Smiley, who also sang and played acoustic guitar, put together a great cast of Nashville TN musicians and engineers including Rick Florian—vocals (lead singer of White Heart—duet with her on “Do It Afraid” ); Blair Masters—piano and synths (Casting Crowns, Mercy Me); Ken Lewis—drums (Michael W Smith); Matt Pierson—bass (Michael W, Smith, Natalie Grant); Anthony Sallee – bass (player for White Heart & played on Elizabeth’s cover of “Desert Rose”); Scott Denté—acoustic guitar (Out of the Grey); George Cocchini—electric guitars (DC Talk); Brennan Smiley—guitars (Charity Von, Di Stasio); Greg Hagan—guitars (Little Big Town, Katinas); Joel Wild (programmed “Don’t Give Up On Your Love”); and Billy Whittington—mixing engineer (Vanessa Williams, Amy Grant, Twila Paris)—to totally create the right environment for her voice to shine through.

Elizabeth South and Billy Smiley co-wrote all the songs on the “Do It Araid” album except for “Desert Rose” (cover song from White Heart), “Holy, Holy, Holy” (written by Mark Swayze), and “Still” (Elizabeth South co-wrote this with George Cocchini).

Elizabeth pours her heart and inspiration into every song on the album.  Her Music Therapy background has also found a home in her music, being both healing and uplifting.  Her voice has been described as mysterious, magical, soothing, and angelic.  Elizabeth hopes that you will enjoy not only listening to the beautiful songs, but will also be inspired, uplifted, and encouraged!


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One thought on “New “Do It Afraid” Album and Music Video (feat. Rick Florian) Available Now!!

  1. Hello Our Friend Elizabeth,

    We wanted to say how much your music inspires us and others. Your New Music Video “Do It Afraid” is a very Wonderful Video. We send our Blessings and Congrats to you and Rick Florian on an Amazing Job. If it is possible Can you post your New Video on Both Our Facebook Pages. We really hope you can. We always Appreciate All you sharing all your Wonderful Music and Great Work. Thanks Again Always For your Kind Blessings and Great Friendship to us both Always. God Bless you from us Both.

    Your Fans/Friends Always,
    Dwayne & Rebecca 🙂

    P.S – Your CD (The Mysteries Of Our Mind) We Ordered From ya Last Year Is Always Amazing To Listen to. Thanks Again.

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