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New Upcoming Album!


Dear friends and fans,
I am so EXCITED to share with you this exciting news: my new “Do It Afraid” Album is finished and coming to you soon in 2011!! It’s been such an incredible journey since the release of my first album, “The Mysteries of Our Minds,” and I had a blast working with Billy Smiley again for this new project! Your support means the world to me. I can’t thank enough those who backed my project through my Kickstarter campaign and all the pre-orders! I raised all I pledged and more!!

I look forward to releasing my 2nd Song Samples Video of the Album through Youtube when the Album is released. But since I absolutely can’t wait for you to hear these new songs, you can hear and purchase one of my singles from the new album called, “I Will Trust You,” on iTunes and watch the Music Video.

If you would like to read information about the Title and meaning behind the “Do It Afraid” album, please visit my Journal.

You can also read a wonderful article that was posted on my new album.  Click here to Read Article

– Elizabeth South


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4 thoughts on “New Upcoming Album!

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I wish I could figure out how to become friends on Facebook but I don’t see any friend request form. I hate the new look of Facebook and so do a lot of other people . I hope they read this and change it back the way it was.
    Any way the next song you write should be “Just When”. And by that I mean, “Just When I thought you couldn’t sound any better, there you are with more beautiful music for the world to listen to. I’m listening to it as I write. It’s so peaceful and alluring. Fantastic job. Keep it going. “Retro Ron” is a friend forever. Take care of yourself. 01/30/11

  2. Great, I will be sure to listen to.

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