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Download the Elizabeth South iTunes App and be a Top User!

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Dear friends and fans,
You can Download my FREE iTunes App for iPhone, iPad, & iPod by clicking here and become a Top User.”

How do you become a “Top User?” There are several ways:

1. By writing on the “Wall” of the App (you can use your twitter or facebook accounts to do this and chat with others on the wall). And sometimes I even reply back myself if you ask me a question!
2. Listening to my music or purchasing music from the App
3. Writing “Comments” in various places on the App such as the videos, songs, news, etc.
4. Clicking the “Like” button on songs, videos, etc.
5. “Sharing”anything on the App.

I’m looking forward to this and hopefully reading posts from users on my iPhone Wall.

~Elizabeth South


Author: elizabethsouth

Visit www.elizabethsouth.com for more information.

One thought on “Download the Elizabeth South iTunes App and be a Top User!

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I must seem like a pest at times. I assure you my intentions are truly good. I want your Cd and need that post office box you gave me at one time when I mailed you a copy of my CD. If you send it I’ll mail you a money order for whatever the price is including shipping . Please let me know. When I see all that you have going on now, I guess I was wrong as to how far you’ve really come. This is all very impressive and I wish you the best of luck in all that you do from now on. I look forward to seeing you on Television someday. It’ll happen if you have faith. Your friend always “Retro Ron” 02/24/11

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