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Elizabeth South’s First Music Video!


Elizabeth South has just uploaded her brand-new official First ever professional Music Video, and is excited for you to see it!

It is for the National Radio Single (Billboards/Top 30 Christian Radio Weekly), “Have Faith,” off her new album, “The Mysteries of Our Minds,” (Go to http://www.elizabethsouth.com for Purchasing links).  It  was directed by the Dove Award Winner Ben Pearson who did the video for Michael W Smith called “This is Your Time,” dedicated to Cassie Bernall as well as “The Second Chance” movie.

The video touches upon the theme of troubled times in life and how God will work all things for good based on Romans 8:28.  Elizabeth explores one theme of hardship in life, although it can apply to any type of trial such as sickness, pain, and sadness.  This theme is troubled relationships and trusting God through that by laying the hardship at the altar.  Also, the theme of the Bride of Christ is explored.  One thing that Elizabeth hopes for is for people to draw their own personal interpretations from the video as well – it is open for many interpretations.

Please Sub/Add her at: http://www.youtube.com/elizabethsouth and watch the video, comment, give her a thumbs up, and share it with all of your friends! It is because of your incredible support, that she has already had great responses and has seen her sub/friend numbers growing.  She has already had over 9,000 views/246 Comments in just a few weeks on the video!! Thank you SO much for your support in Spreading the Message of this song to bring encouragement to many people! You are awesome!!


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2 thoughts on “Elizabeth South’s First Music Video!

  1. You are truly an amazing person Elizabeth! I love this video and I love your voice it’s so angelic! When I listen to your song Have Faith, I just hear a beautiful voice and I daze with amaze. Listening to it makes me feel really happy & not so depressed. It’s a great song, I really love it! Congrats with the video as well it’s awesome! Can’t wait to see more!
    Your friend,
    Rebecca Porter xox

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