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New Radio Single Coming July 16th & Invitation to Purchase mp3


We are very excited about this incredible New Worship song called “I Will Trust You” by Elizabeth South from her new Worship Album that will be released later this year.  The New Single will be Released to Radio Stations Nationwide as well as for mp3 Purchase on July 16th!
You are invited to join Elizabeth on her Facebook Wall this Friday, July 16th, at 6:30 p.m. EST for the debut Radio Single’s Official Release and Link for Previewing/Purchasing the song for mp3 download for the first time.  Please “Like” her Facebook Page now and join her July 16th for this exciting event!  She will also be there starting at that time to respond to comments left on her post about the song!!  She would also appreciate any good reviews left on the link for purchase of the song.

If you would like to hear the sample of the song now, please play the Video at the end of this Blog or visit these websites:
Elizabeth’s Website (in a youtube video on the home page)
Youtube (please sub and add me on youtube so you can see the Music Video for this song)
The other exciting news is that Elizabeth will also be filming a Music Video for this song at the end of August.  So stay tuned for that as well!
This new song follows her first successful national radio single, “Have Faith.”  Once again, Elizabeth captures the hearts of her listeners in this amazing song!  She writes powerful lyrics taken from various scriptures such as Psalm 48:14, Psalm 57:4, and Proverbs 3:5-6
In addition to this song being produced by well known producer Billy Smiley (from White Heart) and mixed by Billy Whittington, it also has an A-list of musicians such as Elizabeth South (main vocals), Brennan Smiley (electric guitar), Billy Smiley (acoustic guitar and background vocals), Ben Pierson (bass), Blair Masters (keyboards), and Ken Lewis (drums).
This song captures both the main stream worship style of Christian music today, as well as the fresh and angelic vocals of Elizabeth South.  In addition to the awesome power guitar work played by Brennan Smiley, there is an added touch to the sound with strings that makes this song unique to worship sound today.  This song proves to touch ground in new ways that will surely be a must and addition to Evangelical Worship Services and Radio Stations throughout the world.
“I Will Trust You” encompasses much of the theme of the New Worship Album to be released later this year along with the Music Video.  Being inspired by various scriptures and the life experiences of the artist, the song touches upon the ideas of Salvation, Eternal Life, Heaven, dealing with Fear, Trusting God’s friendship and care, the Word, Guidance throughout life’s trials and sorrows, God’s Beautiful Sacrifice of Love, Forgiveness and Healing, as well as recognition of the Creator.
Please show your support of Elizabeth’s continued creation of music and ministry by Purchasing this song when it is released and telling others about this song as well.  It is her desire that this song draws millions of people everywhere to faith and love in God.
Elizabeth wishes to provide lyrics to this song for your encouragement:
I Will Trust You
You are God forever and ever
Evermore my friend
You’re my refuge always in trouble
Guide me to the end
So I will trust You Lord with all my heart
I’ll lean on Your Word for understanding
And You will guide me home
I will trust You
I will Love You
I won’t be afraid anymore
I will trust You
You will always be my strength
I will trust You
You are Love
You died for me
You heal my weary soul
You lift me up and keep me from falling
Forgive and make me whole
You are the Maker of the Heavens and the Earth
You are the Only One who knew me before birth

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2 thoughts on “New Radio Single Coming July 16th & Invitation to Purchase mp3

  1. Hi Elizabeth…I’m so excited for you and honored to call you one of my online friends for these past years. I’m inspired a and humbled.


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