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Elizabeth South CD Release Concert at Barnes & Noble

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Elizabeth South "The Mysteries of Our Minds" CD Cover Shot

Elizabeth South’s album, “The Mysteries of Our Minds” is now available at the Barnes & Noble at New Hope Commons in Durham, NC.  She also had a concert there Sunday, March 28th, 2010.  Elizabeth drew a large crowd, including some of the students from the school where she now teaches.  Students and adults were lined up to purchase her CDs and have her sign them.  With her was producer Billy Smiley from White Heart, her brother Mark South, Phil and Dawn Williams.  If you have not bought her CD yet and live close to this area, it is highly suggested that you go get your copy today!

Billy Smiley, Mark South, Elizabeth South, Phil and Dawn Williams, Beth the General Manager

"The Mysteries of Our Minds" CD Concert by Elizabeth South


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One thought on “Elizabeth South CD Release Concert at Barnes & Noble

  1. Ron, thank you for this comment. I saw where you bought my CD! That’s wonderful. Thank you so much for your support. I really hope you enjoy the music. And Happy Birthday May 1st! Also, I signed it as you asked and will mail it out tomorrow. Have a blessed week!


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