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Recording a New Album in Nashville


At the beginning of this summer, Elizabeth South met with producer Billy Smiley and decided to record a new version of the Title song from her independent album, “Have Faith.”  It was such an incredible recording!

While they were recording, they ended up writing some songs together that turned out really great.  Billy Smiley has written several number one hits and is very talented  in songwriting, guitar, piano, and singing.  He was the major songwriter for the rock group White Heart.

After a successful recording and writing experience, they decided to record these songs for a New Album.  So, they ended up recording in Nashville, Tennessee most of the summer.

Elizabeth was fortunate to be able to work and record with some of her favorite musicians such as Rick Florian (lead singer of “White Heart”), and Christine & Scott Dente (from “Out of the Grey).  All of the musicians, which you can read about in her Bio on her website (http://www.elizabethsouthmusic.com) and myspace page, were incredible to work with and truly some of the best musicians.

Elizabeth and Billy Smiley believe that this new album is going to be fantastic and Elizabeth is looking forward to sharing it with everyone  in the early part of 2010.  Please look for updates on the details of how the recording and mixing is going as well as when it will be released on Elizabeth’s Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/elizabethsouthmusic and Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/elizabethsouthmusic.

For now, please look forward to the release of one of her Singles off the new album in the next couple of months.

Elizabeth and Billy Smiley

Elizabeth South & Billy Smiley


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2 thoughts on “Recording a New Album in Nashville

  1. Elizabeth,

    I am a songwriter and came across your “Have Faith” and it fits my life right now to a tee. Thank you for your inspiration. I’m used to having people come up to me my whole life and say that is exactly what I needed to hear from my music. And I can say this to you — that is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you and all the luck with your new album.

    Your sound is fresh. You voice is a clarion which will guide many from the shore’s ragged edges of a craggy sea.


  2. David,
    Thank you for writing to say that. It means a lot and is very encouraging to me. I’d love to hear your music. Where can I find it? May you continue to be an inspiration to those around you.


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